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Kiab gonna stay wit me all summer
Ky gonna come too
And we gonna have cute slumber parties

reunited with my bae’s

wassupwitchoass replied to your post “wassupwitchoass replied to your post:wassupwitchoass replied to your…”

Ayyyy look man come whenever!!! Kia gon be here all summer idk about anyone else Andy say June

i just wanna see mah frannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnns

H2O Thugga aka Yüpin VIII - Wine Smoke
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shit that was jus sittin in my files

You should like I know outta Cali you can easily find one with 3 to 4 layovers

i don’t know if i can come in june but i’m tryin to get there in july at the latest

Take it to Newark

that’s were i’m looking and they want 300. i’m looking to see if i can do one of those pick your own price things and just have like 4 million hour layovers

i’m trying to find a flight out to nj and now i’m truly depressed

On Your Mark - Gregor Salto & Wiwek